Two prisoners for illegal slaughter of animals

By Pragna L Krupa

Three camels, Seven oxen were hidden in a house and shot dead in Bharathi Nagar. Repeated complaints from activists have fallen on deaf ears

Three camels were reportedly shot dead in a house in Bharathi Nagar on Tuesday. Animal rights activists allege that despite complaining to Bharathi Nagar police on several occasions, they did not take any action against them or prevent the sacrifice. On Tuesday, after the animals were slaughtered, police arrested two people including the owner of the house after finding the camel meat. However, police have yet to verify whether it was one or three camels.

Sunil, an animal rights activist, said three days before Bakrid, that they learned of the existence of animals kept inside a house, one kilometer from Bharathi Nagar police station and that ‘they immediately alerted the police. He said: “We have complained to the police several times but have had no response from them. There were three camels and seven to eight cows and oxen, hidden inside the house. The camels were tied up and were seen through a small opening in their enclosure.

We had taken pictures and sent the location to the police who told us they had checked the place and found nothing. We even contacted the ACP Pulkeshinagar who told us that they would come to the site to verify but did not respond to us afterwards. On Tuesday we went to the house to check on the animals that were tied inside. We heard the cries of animals being slaughtered inside. We called the police several times and alerted them but it was too late because the animals were already sacrificed. The police who attended the scene took two of them into custody.

The oxen and camels (inset) seen from the walls of the house

ACP Pulakeshinagar said when they checked the area they did not find any animals and they were hiding inside the house. “We checked the area on Tuesday and caught them red-handed. We found camel meat and immediately arrested two of them, including the owner. We brought Suo-Moto action against both of them, ”he said.

There were 3 camels and seven to eight cows and oxen. The camels were tied up and were seen through a small opening in their enclosure

–Sunil, animal rights activist

Officers denied any cows were slaughtered inside the house and said they only found camel meat which they sent to FSL.

Sunil added that despite the ban on camels leaving Rajasthan, they are transported and brought into the city for sacrifice and even after sharing all details with the location, the police took no action.

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