Tripura prohibits illegal slaughter of animals on Eid-ul-Azha day

As India prepares to celebrate the second-biggest Muslim holiday on Sunday, the northeast state of Tripura has announced guidelines for animal sacrifice and a ban on all types of slaughter and illegal transport of livestock.

However, as the notification in this regard went viral on social media, rumors were circulating that the government of Tripura had completely banned the sacrifice of any type of animal.

Dismissing the propaganda, a government official confirmed to the newspaper that people can sacrifice animals by following the guidelines and the state government has no intention of hurting religious feelings.

“The Animal Welfare Board (AWB) of India has issued a directive to the government of Tripura mentioning some court judgments and existing laws against animal cruelty,” the official said, preferring not to be named.

“Duly, we have forwarded the directive to all District Magistrates and District Superintendents of Police. Also, lower-ranking officials have been briefed on the developments,” he said.

Regarding the rumors of “ban on slaughter”, the Animal Resources Development Department (ARDD) official of Tripura government said, “People may have confused the order.

“Nothing in the ordinance prohibits anything drastic. The notification of the Animal Welfare Board of India has been clearly spelled out and the necessary instructions have been passed on to the concerned authorities,” he said.

The official further stated that no animals that are pregnant, sick and under 3 months old, or whose offspring are under three months old, may not be slaughtered and will be considered illegal.

Sonamura Subdivision Magistrate Manik Das echoing the ARDD official said, “We have just forwarded the letter regarding the illegal transportation of animals and there is no ban on animal sacrifice.

“The ordinance has just been issued against the illegal slaughter and transport of animals. People’s religious practices would not be hindered by this,” Das added.

The majority of the minority members of the Muslim community live in Sonamura sub-division in the Sepahijala district of Tripura and this place also hosts the largest market for sacrificial animals in Eid-ul-Azha.

When contacted, Shahalam Majumder, Chairman of the Tripura Board of Wakfs, said the main objective of the AWB was to help stop the illegal transport of animals and ensure the slaughter of “animals in good health”.

Claiming the government has not imposed any animal slaughter bans, he said: ‘Invested groups have hatched a conspiracy to slander the name of our state and the state government.

“Sharia prohibits the sacrifice of cows less than a year old and prohibits the slaughter of pregnant cows. It’s almost as similar as the government decree. There is no difference,” he told reporters.

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