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The city has three slaughterhouses in Perambur, Saidapet and Villivakkam, but illegal slaughterhouses appear to be thriving in Chromepet, Pallavaram, Chengelpet and Shomangalam. Police say slaughterhouses outside of company boundaries often engage in illegal activities such as cow slaughter and calves.
Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, killing a cow is punishable by up to seven years in prison. The killing of any animal less than three months old is prohibited. The law states that only unproductive buffaloes can be slaughtered for consumption. In unregulated slaughterhouses, animals are not certified by a veterinarian before slaughter.
“According to international standards, an animal must be stunned with a bolt pistol before slaughter. This can only be done by a trained person if the animal is not agitated, ”said Arpan Sharma, CEO of the Federation of Indian Animal Welfare Organizations.
In illegal slaughterhouses, the cow or buffalo is hit on the head with a hammer or its throat is slit. “Muslims only eat halal meat, so the animal cannot be knocked out. We make a clean cut that cuts through the trachea, jugular vein and carotid artery, ”said a butcher who slaughters buffaloes in Chromepet.
Meat consumed in the country is not checked for the presence of bacteria. “We periodically test samples of meat,” said a company official. However, butchers say vets only check the animal before it is slaughtered.
The company’s latest budget announced the modernization of its three slaughterhouses with stunning and environmentally friendly animal waste disposal equipment. The report of a general accountant for 2007-2008 indicated that a population of 47 lakhs needs 43 slaughterhouses. The city’s population has grown to 65 lakh but the number of slaughterhouses remains at three. “Unless there are no more slaughterhouses, illegal logging will continue,” a company official said.

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