PrimeSafe investigates cattle slaughter near Geelong

VICTORIAN food safety regulator PrimeSafe has confirmed it is investigating the slaughter of cattle at a property near Geelong.

“The investigation is ongoing and PrimeSafe is unable to provide details of the ongoing investigation,” a spokesperson said today.

The investigation follows a media report claiming that 10 to 30 sheep are slaughtered on the property each week.

PrimeSafe is the Victorian food safety regulator for the meat and seafood industries.

“All meat produced for human consumption and sale in Australia must come from cattle slaughtered in a licensed abattoir where compliance with Australian food safety and animal welfare standards is monitored by government regulators,” said PrimeSafe spokesperson.

“The Victorian Meat Industry Act, 1993 prohibits the slaughter of livestock – other than in a slaughterhouse or rendering plant – to produce meat for sale.

“The law allows farmers to slaughter their own cattle on their farm for the private consumption of that farm,” the spokesperson said.

“The meat of these animals is not allowed to be sold or to leave the farm.”

Anyone needing information on meat and seafood safety, or having information on the illegal slaughter of livestock or the sale of illegally slaughtered meat should contact PrimeSafe on 03 9685 7333 or [email protected]

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