Presidential candidate Le Pen pledges to regulate animal slaughter if she wins

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has pledged to regulate animal slaughter if she wins future polls against incumbent President Emmanuel Macron. The far-right leader advocated the move, saying it would reduce animal suffering, but it alarmed minority communities of Muslims and Jews, who traditionally slaughter animals. “Attacking the way we eat infringes on our privacy and it’s very serious,” Sarah Guttmann, a Jewish resident of Paris, told The Associated Press on Friday.

Le Pen suggested that all animals be stunned before being slaughtered, raising the issue of animal rights and welfare. However, Jews and Muslims objected to this, saying that their ways of kosher and halal were more human. Notably, France hosts the largest Muslim and Jewish populations in Western Europe and such a law could be interpreted as a direct interference with freedom of religion.

“The intention is to target minority populations that bother them and send a message to voters who are against those minorities: ‘Vote for me, because I’m going to attack them and maybe, in time, drive them away. “, asserted Guttmann while slamming the pledge by the country’s presidential candidate. Meanwhile, Hayat Ettabet, a Muslim, said that if the regulations go into effect, her family would be forced to resort to bleeding the animals “in the bathroom, like before”.

Halal and Kosher

Halal meat is an Islamic method of slaughter in which the animal is killed by cutting the jugular vein, carotid artery and trachea. It is similar to kosher as both methods require the use of sharp knives. But a major difference is that during halal the slaughterer is required to take the name of God, the Jewish way does not require such things.

Le Pen is due to face incumbent President Emanuel Macron on April 24 in the second round of presidential elections. She previously made headlines after vowing to remove France from NATO military command in the event she is elected to lead the country. However, the French leader also made it clear that she does not want France to leave the bloc and only wants the country to exit its command structure.

(Picture: AP)

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