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Letters to the Editor

THE EDITOR: The viral epidemic, the 2019-CoV coronavirus, is freaking out governments around the world. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently declared that “a wind of madness is sweeping the globe”. He was not, however, referring to the coronavirus. He was talking about the increase in conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Libya, et al.

However, with all due respect to the Secretary-General, global conflicts have affected humanity from time immemorial. And, as the world obtains more powerful weapons, it makes these conflicts increasingly dangerous with the potential to escalate across borders.

We need to ask ourselves why legally binding UN resolutions are ignored by nations, and what can the UN and other global organizations do to change this paradigm?

Humanity is a violent and warlike species. Is it because we live in an extreme environment where animals are raised and slaughtered for food and clothing? This violent food preparation is carried out in various places such as mega-farms in developed countries to backyards in developing countries and impoverished villages.

Children know from birth that the food they eat is of animal origin from multiple sources, such as chicken eggs, dairy cow and goat products, meat from cattle, chicken, fish and other seafood. They also know that animals are killed for their meat.

Besides food, cruelty to animals – bullfighting, fishing, sporting events such as horseback riding, hunting, etc. – is endemic to the culture of many people:

If we are to make humans more empathetic and compassionate as a species, we must take care of all life on the planet. Now that plant-based foods are commonplace, increasing production will reduce costs and make them accessible to everyone.

To this end, I urge the United Nations and other global organizations to work to end the slaughter of animals as a global necessity. Children should learn to cherish all life, animal and human. Research has shown that children who cherish, love, and care for animals grow into caring adults who value all life.

Finally, let’s not forget that zoonoses are transmitted from animals to humans and are a known cause of coronaviruses and other diseases. Therefore, ending the use of animals for food will also solve this problem.

A petition to the UN can be signed at:



Trinidad Animal Welfare Agency


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