Morphed screenshot from Mirror Now used to advocate for a ban on animal slaughter in Kashmir

Twitter user Nabeha Latif, who in her biography claims to be from Islamabad (Pakistan), job an alleged screenshot of an Indian news broadcaster Mirror now with the claim that the Indian government banned the slaughter of animals in Kashmir during Eid. The graphic began circulating on social media after reports of the reimposition of the curfew in Srinagar on the eve of Eid.

Another user from the UK tweeted the same screenshot along with another similar screenshot. It has been retweeted over 2,500 times so far.

According to the second screenshot, the journalist’s name is Pramod Madhav.

Mirror now call the fake chart

Mirror now Editor-in-chief Faye D’Souza took to Twitter to demystify the photoshopped screenshot of the viral news channel on social media. She said, “It’s a fake screen. FALSE. Photoshopped”.

She pointed out the discrepancies in the morphed screenshot with reference to the actual composition of the screen and the fonts used by the broadcaster. D’souza claimed that the news channel did not broadcast such a story. Additionally, we also found out that Pramod Madhav, the journalist whose name is mentioned in the second viral screenshot, is currently reporting on the Kerala floods and is NOT in Kashmir.

It may also be noted that the English text in the news channel’s morphed screenshots is grammatically incorrect. As the text in the screenshot reads, “No one can slaughter an animal now”, it should have been said, “animals” and not “animal”.

Shehla Rashid, political activist and general secretary of the People’s Movement of Jammu and Kashmir posted the fake graphic on Twitter and later clarified that it had been photoshopped.

In conclusion, a photoshopped screenshot of Mirror now circulated on social media to falsely claim that the Indian government banned the slaughter of animals in Kashmir during Eid.

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