Malawi bans slaughter of cattle for foot-and-mouth disease

The government has ordered an immediate cattle ban as well as restrictions on animal movement due to fears of foot-and-mouth disease in the Lower Shire.

The Ministry of Agriculture said there was a suspected outbreak of the disease in cattle at Mandrade crush, Tomali immersion reservoir of the Mbewe Extension Planning Zone (EPA) in the district of Chikwawa, Shire Valley ADD.

The circular says the disease was reported and clinically confirmed on April 1, 2021.

Foot-and-mouth disease is a highly contagious viral disease which mainly affects livestock and has very devastating socio-economic consequences if not controlled in time.

A preliminary investigation by veterinary authorities reported 80 clinical cases of the 8 affected kraals.

In total, more than 12,200 cattle are at immediate risk in the affected area and the immediate surrounding areas.

The ministry says detailed investigations are still underway to establish the extent of the spread and map the extent of the problem.

“In accordance with the Animal Disease Control and Control Act (Cap 66:02), and the guidelines of the World Organization for Animal Health, the ministry has put in place with immediate effect the following measures in the affected area, sensitization of communities on the disease

The other measures are the temporary suspension of livestock markets (cattle, goats, sheep and pigs), the temporary ban on all slaughtering of livestock (cattle, goats, sheep and pigs), restriction of the movement of livestock and products. breeding and the temporary ban on the issuance of breeding permits. .

The ministry reveals that it is currently conducting active surveillance of susceptible animals in and around the affected area to ensure early detection and response for rapid containment of the disease.

The ministry therefore urges breeders and the general public to cooperate with its officials and security guards when implementing these measures.

The ministry wants to assure the population that it is taking all necessary measures to contain the disease in the affected areas and stop the spread in other areas.

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