Levi’s asked to review vendor slaughter methods

For years, PETA has campaigned to persuade Levi Strauss & Co. to stop supporting animal abuse and the environmentally destructive leather industry. PETA even bought Levi’s stock in 2019 to make its way into annual company meetings, where we can influence brand owners and executives from the inside out. At previous Levi’s annual meetings, we’ve urged the denim giant to stop using leather patches, a practice that violates the company’s sustainability policies. Now we are taking a new approach.

Because Levi’s continues to use leather even after learning from PETA that helpless cows are beaten and killed, we submitted a new shareholder resolution that would ask the brand to commission a report on the slaughter methods that its suppliers use it to obtain leather for its patches, belts, wallets and other items. In this way, Levi’s was able to see clearly how the methods are not in line with their own animal welfare policy.

Levi’s says the animals in its supply chain are safe from fear and distress. But cows in the leather industry are torn from their mothers and undergo extreme confinement, marking, tail docking and castration before being transported hundreds of miles in crowded trucks to slaughterhouses, where they are. hanged and scratched, often hanging still conscious.

PETA facilitates contact with companies and urges them to do their part to help alleviate animal suffering.

It only takes a minute using your phone or computer, so what are you waiting for?

Take Action Now: Urge Levi’s To Use Vegan Leather

Originally posted July 10, 2019:

Levi’s shareholders received the salvation of their lives today as they arrived for the denim brand’s annual meeting. PETA supporters gathered outside Levi’s headquarters in San Francisco to protest the company’s continued use of leather badges and unfaithful claims that “empathy” and “sustainability” are part of its core values.

During the meeting, a representative from PETA, which owns shares in Levi’s to promote animal-friendly policies, asked when the company intended to stop using animal leather on its patches, noting one Presentation by PETA of the world’s largest leather processor showed that cows and bulls were face scarred, shocked and beaten. Additionally, animal agriculture, which includes the leather industry, is responsible for 14-18% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

No piece of leather is worth beating, slaughtering, and skinning a sensitive cow.

We ask Levi’s to live up to its claim to be a sustainable business by moving away from leather in favor of environmentally friendly and animal-friendly vegan fabrics.

Join us in urging Levi’s to use vegan leather

Originally posted March 21, 2019:

As part of our persuasion campaign Levi’s to use vegan leather patches on his jeans instead of the cowhide ones, we purchased the minimum number of company shares required to submit shareholder resolutions and to attend and speak at annual meetings .

Sweet cows are threshed, slaughtered and skinned, all so that Levi’s can stick a small, completely non-functional patch on the back of some of his jeans. The company claims to prioritize sustainability, but we know that using cowhide has at least three times the negative impact on the environment than using most vegan leather Is. So we head to Levi’s boardroom to urge the company to stop selling these patches, which cause immense pain and suffering to cows. and damage Mother Earth.

Cows killed for hide often undergo extreme overcrowding as well as castration and tail docking without pain relief. A PETA talk about the world’s largest leather processor revealed that gentle cows and bulls were face scarred, shocked and beaten before being killed. Additionally, animal agriculture, which includes the leather industry, is responsible for 14-18% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

PETA activists have previously protested Levi’s use of leather at the retailer’s San Francisco headquarters:

We also created a video exposing the cruelty inherent in the leather industry:

These efforts have borne fruit. Over 200,000 kind people have signed our petition urging Levi’s to immediately replace his animal skin with vegan leather, and you can join them.

Click below to call Levi’s about their absurd claims about sustainability – remind the company that the most effective way to reduce their environmental impact is to source vegan materials:

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