Giant animal kill clock shows Londoners live updates on animal slaughter figures

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A huge clock that shows in real time the number of animals slaughtered for food in the UK has been installed in London.

The Animal Kill Clock, which is currently in Brick Lane, is part of the Million Dollar Vegan campaign launched this week by Veganuary founders Matthew Glover and Jane Land. The campaign calls on Pope Francis to go vegan for Lent in exchange for a donation of $ 1,000,000 to a charity of his choice.

Vegan mission

“[The campaign’s] the mission is to fight against climate change with a change of diet; draw attention to the suffering of farm animals; demonstrate the relationship between animal agriculture and world hunger, deforestation and species loss; and to show how our health can be affected by the foods we choose to eat, ”Glover and Land said in a statement.

“We call on influential world leaders and those who admire them to recognize the large-scale effects of consuming animal products and consider the billions of people and animals who suffer from it.

“We aim to inspire people to make more conscious, sustainable and caring choices, to pay attention to the abundance of plant-based foods available to them, and to adopt a plant-based diet. “ ″>

Animal slaughter clock

Vegan actions

The Animal Kill Clock is just one of the actions that Million Dollar Vegan will unveil. Talk to Plant news, Jane Land said: “The clock is a way to bring [the campaign] on the streets of the UK… and see if people know how many animals are being killed for food. The number is truly shocking *.

Several animal rights activists were present at the event, including activist Earthling Ed.

You can read more about the Million Dollar Vegan Campaign here.

* At the time of writing, the number stood at 697,157,760 animals killed for food in the UK so far in 2019.

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