Early calving and slaughter of cattle to be proposed to avoid the slaughter of the national herd

Early calving and early slaughter of cattle are among the main measures proposed to avoid the culling of the national herd while reducing carbon emissions by 22-30%.

The government’s climate action plan is to be discussed at a Cabinet subcommittee on Wednesday evening before final approval by the full Cabinet on Thursday.

Under this plan, it is clear that agriculture will benefit from a more favorable trajectory in terms of emission reductions compared to other sectors of society, which will see Ireland’s overall emissions fall by 51 % by 2030.

In Ireland, agricultural emissions represent 32% of all emissions, well above the EU average of 11%.

Farm lobbies have expressed concern over the proposal, saying it “unfairly victimizes” Irish farmers.

The plan is designed on a sectoral basis as opposed to a plan focusing solely on the role of government departments and agencies.

“Clearly this is a whole society report and will need buy-in from the public. Rubber will hit the road when everyone knows what is expected of them. It will undoubtedly be extremely difficult, ”said a minister.

Green Party Leader and Transport Minister Eamon Ryan and Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue had “tough and tough” talks about cutting emissions.

Mr. McConalogue’s camp is pleased that the level of reduction foreseen in the plan is lower than the requirements of other sectors, reflecting the special position of agriculture in terms of food production, both for national and international markets.

Several Cabinet ministers have expressed bemusement and confusion over the time it took for Mr Ryan to deliver the report, which was originally due to be presented the week before the Oct. 12 budget.

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