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Commercial production of red meat in the United States totaled 4.38 billion pounds in July, down 9% from 4.81 billion pounds.
produced in July 2020.
Beef production, at 2.32 billion pounds, was 4 percent lower than a year earlier. Cattle slaughter totaled 2.85 million head, down 2
percent from July 2020. Average bodyweight was down 14 pounds from the previous year, to 1,349 pounds.

Veal production totaled 3.9 million pounds, 32% lower than a year ago in July. Calf slaughter totaled 33,500 head, down 18%
as of July 2020. Average bodyweight was down 39 pounds from last year at 205 pounds.

Pork production totaled 2.05 billion pounds, down 14% from the previous year. Pig slaughter totaled 9.79 million head, down
13% from July 2020. Average bodyweight was down 2 pounds from the previous year, to 281 pounds.

Lamb and mutton production, at 10.7 million pounds, was down 12% from July 2020. Sheep slaughter totaled 185,100 head, 6
percent less than last year. Average bodyweight was 115 pounds, down 10 pounds from July a year ago.

From January to July 2021, commercial red meat production was 32.3 billion pounds, up 2% from 2020. Accumulated beef production
increased 5 percent from last year, veal decreased 22 percent, pork decreased 1 percent from last year, and lamb and mutton production
was down 2%.

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