Commercial red meat production in the United States totaled 4.24 billion pounds in July, up 6% from the 3.99 billion pounds produced in July 2017.

Beef production, at 2.23 billion pounds, was 6 percent higher than the previous year. Cattle slaughter totaled 2.77 million head, up 6 percent from July 2017. Average live weight was down 3 pounds from a year earlier, to 1,330 pounds.

Veal production totaled 6.1 million pounds, 8% more than a year ago in July. Calf slaughter totaled 47,800 head, up 22% from July 2017. Average liveweight was down 27 pounds from last year, to 223 pounds.

Pork production totaled 1.99 billion pounds, up 6% from the previous year. Pig slaughter totaled 9.60 million head, up 6 percent from July 2017. Average live weight was unchanged from the previous year at 277 pounds.

Lamb and mutton production, at 12.1 million pounds, increased 10 percent from July 2017. Sheep slaughter totaled 178,900 head, 7 percent more than last year . Average bodyweight was 135 pounds, up 3 pounds from July a year ago.

From January to July 2018, commercial production of red meat was 30.5 billion pounds, up 4% from 2017. Cumulative beef production increased 4% from last year, that veal by 1%, that of pork by 4% compared to last year and the production of lamb and mutton. was up 6 percent.

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