Bombay High Court bans slaughter of animals in Mumbai homes and public spaces before Bakrid

On July 6, 2019, shortly before Bakrid, the Bombay High Court banned the slaughter of animals in homes, settlements and public spaces in Mumbai in an attempt to resolve the issue of hygiene and sanitation. .

Bakrid Sheep and goat sacrifices can now only be performed at licensed slaughterhouses and licensed non-vegetarian markets after the Bombay High Court ruling to ban the slaughter of animals inside homes and premises. housing companies.

The court blocked the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) from allowing logging inside apartments and houses – more than 7,000 permits will now be invalid. BMC is now bound by the Bombay High Court to “strictly and rigorously maintain all applicable safety, health and public safety standards and requirements and to act promptly against all violations.”

“In our opinion, the requirements of public safety, hygiene and sanitation make it impossible to accept any policy allowing slaughter inside individual apartments. In a city as densely populated and congested as Mumbai and where typical residential apartments are small, we do not believe that it is possible to make effective arrangements for humane, hygienic and safe methods of sacrificial slaughter in a residential apartment. Many of these apartments are homes for the very old or the very young (or both). We believe these concerns outweigh all others, ”the judges said.

The value of a goat’s life is weighed by a seller of “sacrificial goats” in Srinagar

Image Courtesy: Outlook India

The move has been applauded by animal rights activists and those who promote veganism, as a long overdue step towards ending animal exploitation and cruelty. While others have expressed their contempt for this initiative, saying it targets Muslims, it is essential to understand the problem objectively.

There is no general ban on animal sacrifices in India. However, there are 2017 animal cruelty prevention rules. Under the rules, the sale of livestock is prohibited for slaughter, including for religious purposes, but other farm animals are exempt from this rule. .

The rules require animals to be slaughtered in registered slaughterhouses and follow required guidelines – which is not followed, especially in the case of most ritual animal sacrifices.

While cultural festivals bring their own festivities, the core values ​​of health, sanitation and hygiene should not be overlooked or compromised.

In fact, this is how we think Bakrid should really be celebrated with a goat:

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