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Leading press release distribution specialist Qamar Zaman, CEO of KISS PR Brand Story, announced blockchain PR news distribution, brand storytelling and strategic social media services for arena players Blockchain.

As millions contemplate the future of the Crypto Market, NFT and DeFi, Blockchain Marketing and Crypto, submitting a digital press release about your product is the need of the hour.

Qamar Zaman, a South Asian-born technologist-turned-salesman, has developed a comprehensive solution blockchain press release distribution and marketing framework for founders looking to see a dramatic upsurge in their Blockchain and NFT projects. Zaman’s vision is to empower the community of crypto entrepreneurs by enabling them to raise awareness and awareness in the market using online press releases of their projects on top publications and relevant crypto news platforms.

Speaking on the subject, Zaman says, “Now is the time for a digital asset revolution – from decentralized finance (DeFi) to non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the evolution of cryptocurrency will reshape the world as We know it. Many entrants are making a splash in the digital asset space and helping these companies reach their audience is the goal of KISS PR. Previously, this space was only defined for wealthy individuals; however, with our storytelling system powered by the distribution of press releases, we aim to democratize these investments among ordinary people.”

An Overview of KISS PR’s Blockchain Marketing and PR Amplification Services

Qamar’s KISS PR brand provides press releases, banner ad campaigns, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing and web development operations 3 by featuring founders on major news media sites and international marketing. KISS PR also does brand storytelling and social media to tell your brand story and engage users, including Telegram, Reddit and Tiktok groups.

“Every news content would be distributed to the biggest crypto news and influencer channels,” said Kashif Sultan, Web 3 Technology Manager at KISS PR.

“Blockchain adoption is inevitable, and KISS PR’s new service will be an exciting genre for individuals who want to learn more about the space. Owning cryptocurrencies and digital assets can get noisy and create an environment confusing to understand what’s what and who’s who, especially when there’s a lot of buzz around it. Our goal is to clear the waters and help people make better investment decisions,” said said Qamar Zaman.

Zaman also aligned with Denis Serikova leading blockchain PR expert and CEO of Throne PR who has over a decade of experience in this field.

With Crypto, NFT and De-Fi marketing and PR services, KISS PR aims to –

  1. Enable business owners to access influencer marketing and shilling NFT campaigns,
  2. Attract the right audience and investors to a particular NFT project,
  3. Organize interviews with creators to publicize their NFT and
  4. Reach out to journalists, news platforms and other media contacts.

History of the KISS PR brand has been active in representing several major blockchain and crypto brands. 2021 made people take a leap forward in the crypto industry. However, 2022 will provide a greater incentive as this leap is on and leaps towards building a better world powered by blockchain and cryptos.

KISS PR Brand Story – Your Crypto & Blockchain PR Growth Partner

the Qamar agency, KISS PR; is a leading digital press release and marketing services brand with a global customer base. The company primarily focuses on small businesses, helping them identify target audiences, develop engaging brand-based stories and distribute them on social media while sharing their press releases on more than 5,000 news outlets. .

With the latest news services dedicated to blockchain enthusiasts, Qamar is ready to help crypto, DeFi and NFT organizations with their corporate announcements. Their team of marketers can help Blockchain founders get featured, post their PR on 500+ financial sites, and get the word out about their decentralized project in the crypto world and mainstream media.

About Qamar Zaman and KISS PR Distribution for press release submission

Kamar Zaman is internationally recognized for understanding SEO and empowering others to make better marketing investment decisions. He is a leading growth marketing expert and technologist with over 18 years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO), web development and press release distribution.

Over the past decade, his company History of the KISS PR brand has helped many individuals and businesses submit their PR to major newswires and grow their digital footprint.

Media Contact

[email protected]

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