Bengaluru Civic Body Bans Animal Slaughter and Sale of Meat on Ram Navami: What We Know

The Bengaluru civic agency banned the slaughter of animals and the sale of meat to Sri Rama Navami on April 10.

“There will be a general ban on slaughterhouses, slaughtering of animals and sale of meat in Sri Rama Navami,” said Co-Head of Livestock Department of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike. in order,


The order is based on BBMP Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta’s April 3 circular.

A A BBMP official said that every year in Sri Rama Navami, in addition to Gandhi Jayanti, Sarvodaya Day and other religious events, there is a ban on selling meat and slaughtering animals.

There is a blanket ban on such practices at least eight days a year on various occasions, he added.

Bangalore meat sales ban on Navami ram

The BBMP recently made headlines after the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services of Karnataka asked the civic body to run all slaughterhouses and chicken shops in the city to ensure animals are must be stunned before being shot.

Also in Delhi

The development also comes at a time when South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) Mayor Mukesh Suryan’s order to close meat shops during the 9-day period of the Navaratri festival from April 2-11 is already causing controversy. .

SDMC order not yet implemented

Although the mayor wrote to the SDMC commissioner on April 4 to ensure that all meat shops under the civic body remained closed, the order was not enforced.

The trader cuts meat for a customer

Although some meat shops under SDMC boundaries, including many in the INA market, remained closed on April 5, a day after the mayor wrote to the commissioner, most of them have now reopened.

Sanjay Kumar, owner of a meat shop at INA Market, said he had not received any written orders or instructions from the municipality to close his shops.

“Even in Covid times, whenever the company wanted to close the market, they would send a written order, but this time there was no such information,” said INA member Ramesh Bhutani. Traders Association.

A butcher at the INA market

It wasn’t just SDMC, even East Delhi Mayor Shyam Sunder Aggarwal wanted butcher shops to remain closed during Navratri.

The mayor of the EDMC appeals

He had “called on” traders to keep meat shops closed during Navratri or at least the last three days of the festival, although authorities said “no official orders” have been issued in this regard.

Aggarwal also claimed that during Navratri, “90% of people do not consume non-vegetarian foods”.

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