Animal slaughter prohibited in private premises: Bombay HC


In light of an existing ordinance, which restricts the slaughter of goats on private premises, the Bombay District Court (HC) has ordered civil society to ensure that slaughter takes place only in the area. certified slaughterhouse in the city of Deonar.

The instructions were given after a petition was filed, stating that due to the Covid-19 outbreak, stores should be prevented from slaughtering goats on their premises as this resulted in overcrowding of shoppers and would go thus running counter to the objective of foreclosure and social distancing. It also poses a threat to the health of people living near the store, as waste disposal is not up to standards, the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) said.

A SJ Kathawalla bench of justice and Judge Riyaz Chagla heard a petition from Santacruz (East) resident Rajeshkumar Kanojia. The bench was informed by lawyer Vivek Shukla that his client was residing in a Kalina apartment building, which housed a mutton shop on the ground floor. Shukla claimed that the store owner not only kept cattle, but also took care of the slaughter of goats on the store premises. According to Shukla, this posed a double threat in the form of overcrowding the store, which resulted in a violation of social distancing standards. Shukla added that the cattle roamed freely around the premises of the building and that the waste disposal after slaughter was also not carried out properly. He argued that although his client had complained to local municipal authorities on numerous occasions, no action had been taken and therefore had no choice but to go to court. Shukla said such a practice was prevalent in many stores across the city, although there was an order from a previous bench restricting the slaughter of animals outside the city’s certified slaughterhouse. which is in Deonar. Thus, orders should be placed to curb such activities outside the Deonar slaughterhouse, Shukla argued.

While defending his action, the butcher managing the butcher’s shop in the applicant’s building affirmed that he had an authorization to operate the shop issued by the civic body.

In response to the petition, the civic body, through attorney Oorja Dhond, argued that it had not granted any permission to the store owner to slaughter or store livestock on the premises. Dhond argued that the butcher only got a license to sell the meat from the Deonar slaughterhouse and therefore could not use it as a slaughter permit in his store.

After hearing the findings, the court ordered the butcher to refrain from slaughtering any animals on the premises of the building or any other location outside the Deonar slaughterhouse and ruled on the petition.

The order rose to prominence before Bakri Eid on August 1, when members of the Muslim community offered sacrifices by slaughtering goats and sheep.


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