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Slaughterhouse Gulch Haunted House Aurora Colorado

Denver's Scariest Haunted Houses

The 13th Door and Slaughterhouse Gulch are currently in pre-production for the 2017 Halloween season in the Denver Metro Area. Stay tuned for details.

"Takes Fear To A Whole New Level!
- CNN Headline News"

The characters you have grown to FEAR... from the HORROR movies you love... are now a reality you must SURVIVE!!!! This is not a dream. FREDDY is coming for you, but before he does maybe you can escape by joining JIGSAW in a thrilling game of life and DEATH. It’s going to be BLOODY, especially if LEATHERFACE catches up with you!

Slaughterhouse Gultch is CURSED! No one escapes or lives to tell about the residents doomed to spend eternity here! Maybe you will escape the grasp of the girl from The RING as she attempts to drag you into her well. You may outsmart MICHAEL MYERS or outrun HANNIBAL LECTER, but you CANNOT escape them all!

THEIR CURSE will become a living NIGHTMARE you CANNOT ESCAPE!!!!

"Denver's Scariest Haunted Houses
- Voted by Rocky Mountain News Readers"